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Much love x)
Today is 13 February 2012. 

Today is my Six Month Anniversary with my lovely boyfriend :) Baru 6 bulan kan? K, whtever. Like do I cares? Hahahaha :D I love you so much sweeheart. Like seriously, so much! You're the one make me laugh, make me cry, make me crazy :) You light my day. You give everything to me. I love you Nak Herman Bin Mohd Sam :*

My dear boyfriend, I love you and I really mean it. You're perfect to me. I wish I can see your love to me when I look into your eyes. I like your cute smile, I like when you 'potpetpotpet' to me, I like when the way you kiss me and the most thing I like is the way you hug me. When you hug me I feel that I am yours :) take a note my boyfriend, every second, every minute, every hour, everyday I just thinking about you. Yes, only you! I do love you sweetheart :) What matter happen, I'll take care of our relation and I hope you too :) I'll stay with you until my last breath Insyallah :) Please be mine forever, okay sayang? :*

Nak Herman Bin Mohd Sam 
Happy Six Month Anniversary
13 February 2012

Much love,
Faten :*

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